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Farm to Table at Acme Food & Beverage Company: What’s On Your Plate?

Jeff Gangemi May 29, 2012 What's on Your Plate? 1 comments

Home to the main campus of the University of North Carolina, the city of Chapel Hill is perhaps best known as a hotbed for college basketball. Lately, it has also become a recognized leader in farm-to-table restaurants, thanks in part to its proximity to fertile and abundant farmland. 

Acme Food and Beverage Company is one of the beacons in the area, a restaurant located just outside of Chapel Hill in Carrboro, that strives to support local producers and the unique tradition of its North Carolina location. Chef and Owner Kevin Callaghan has been recognized in loads of local publications, but also in national press like Esquire and Bon Appetit.

"The flavors and food traditions of the South grow out of a strong family farm heritage,” says Callaghan. “By tying what we cook in the restaurant to the seasonal 
foods these farmer's provide, Acme becomes a part of the narrative of 
honest food that is the hallmark of the southern table. And every day, we help to move that narrative forward - connecting food and place and 
tradition in a meaningful and delicious way for customers right here, right now. And doing it because we love it. Period.”

Callaghan sent FarmPlate a list of some of the great local North Carolina producers where he sources ingredients.

Click on any of the producer names to learn more about their operation, and don’t forget to "dig" and review them right there on their FarmPlate profile!

Eco Farm • Chapel Hill, NC - collards, tomatoes, pears, chard, strawberries, garlic

Farmhand Foods • Durham, NC - beef

Elysian Fields Farm • Cedar Grove, NC - carrots, beets, basil, tomatoes, potatoes

Latta's Egg Ranch • Hillsborough, NC - eggs

Cane Creek Farm • Snow Camp, NC - pork, beef, goat

Brinkley Farm • Creedmoor, NC - arugula, field peas, butter beans, pumpkin

McAdam's Farm • Efland, NC - tomatoes, peppers, lamb, melons

Perrywinkle Farm • Chapel Hill, NC - fennel, leeks

Peregrine Farm • Graham, NC - tomatoes, peppers, blueberries

Black River Farmstead • Durham, NC - goat cheese

Wild Hare Farm • Cedar Grove, NC - strawberries, herbs, tomatoes, snap peas

Image courtesy of Acme Food and Beverage

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Riccardo Cavalio's picture
by Riccardo Cavalio
May 17, 2015

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