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Food + Tech Connect: Hacking Irene and the Food System

Jeff Gangemi Dec 08, 2011 News 0 comments

Many thanks to our friends at Food + Tech Connect for helping FarmPlate get the word out about our offer to help flood-affected food producers with their online marketing efforts. Please click HERE to learn more about the initiative or claim your upgraded profile.

The folks over at Food + Tech Connect are doing a great job covering how technology and innovation are helping to drive the sustainable food movement.  A key innovation they’ve pioneered – The Farm Bill Hackathon – occurred this past weekend. For the event, Food + Tech Connect “brought together (in person and virtually) 120 designers, data scientists, developers, marketing professionals, food policy experts, and USDA employees, to 'hack' one of the most important pieces of legislation in the U.S. – the Farm Bill.” 

The goal? To help bring more transparency to the bill, through graphics and tools that shed light on some specific elements and implications of the hard-to-understand piece of legislation.

Here’s the piece they did about FarmPlate and Tropical Storm Irene:

“Karen and Jake Fairbairn had just put a creamery into their barn. Their business, Lazy Crazy Acres, was only a baby when Hurricane Irene hit in August of 2011.

According to National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration‘s (NOAA) Hurricane Irene statistics, flood records were broken in 26 rivers—ranging from New Jersey to New York and Vermont—and about 9 million people were without power. Economic experts have estimated up to $7 billion in overall damages.

'We had just taken out a $120,000 loan,' said Karen Fairbairn, whose company made ice cream and sold berries and eggs. Then Irene came…”

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