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Industrial Food Companies and “Flavor Addiction”

Jeff Gangemi Nov 28, 2011 News 1 comments

Last night, CBS’ 60 Minutes provided an inside look at Givaudan, the largest flavoring company in the world. The piece begins with a group of “super sniffers” and “super tasters” parading business casual around a fruit grove with note-filled clipboards and furrowed brows. They are seeking inspiration for new sports drinks and soda flavors that will provide a burst of flavor without lingering on the palate too long. Their goal? To chemically improve upon nature’s flavors, driving increased demand for snacks, drinks, and other foods.  

The piece reminds us why television news magazines can still be relevant. The reporting is balanced, while casting a critical eye – and some much-needed light – on an often-ignored part of the food industry. If you ever wondered what it means when food contains “natural flavors,” then you shouldn’t miss this. We think it’s reason enough to buy local.

To watch the CBS News 60 Minutes video "The Flavorists: Tweaking tastes and creating cravings," click here >

Screenshot from the 60 Minutes video

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Omkar Thakur's picture
by Omkar Thakur
Jan 06, 2012

Food industries are producing many types of food with chemically improve upon nature’s flavors. This is really very good but at the same time they need to increase the demand for food. Such different flavors food attract the customer and they are get addicted to such foods. Many people are fast food addicted.
Food Addiction