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New PBS Show to Focus on Real Food and Innovation

Jeff Gangemi Apr 05, 2012 News 1 comments

A piece on the great blog Civil Eats describes the genesis of a new PBS series called Food Forward, which is set to premiere imminently. The series is designed to tell stories of innovators working to change the food system. 

The first episode – a pilot – will focus on the growth and diversity of urban farming and food production in cities from Milwaukee (WI) to West Oakland (CA), from Detroit to New York City.

Here’s a description from the program Web site, where you can also find airtimes:

“Food Forward goes way beyond celebrity chefs, cooking competitions, and recipes to reveal the compelling stories and inspired solutions envisioned by food rebels across America who are striving to create a more just, sustainable and delicious alternative to what we eat and how we produce it. Created by a veteran documentary film making team led by Greg Roden, Food Forward explores new ideas of food in America as told by the people who are living them. Each episode will focus on a different theme–school lunch reform, urban agriculture, sustainable fishing, grass-fed beef, soil science–and spotlight the real people who are creating viable alternatives to how we grow food and feed ourselves.”

Read on for more from its co-creator, Stett Holbrook, who promises future episodes on school lunch reform, fishing, and other topics.

“It started with a phone call. I had just finished A Language Older Than Words by Derrick Jensen and it had a powerful affect on me. Like most of Jensen’s books, it detailed the toll industrial civilization was taking on the planet and it had me wondering what I could do about it.

I’d been writing about food for more than a decade, spotting trends, finding new restaurants and telling stories about people passionate about cooking and eating. But the more I learned about our food system’s impact on the earth, writing about where to find a great burger or a hot new restaurant started to feel pretty trivial. How could I bring a greater environmental perspective to my role as a food writer? Most food journalists steer clear of unappetizing subjects like agriculture’s impact on global warming, CAFOs, the farm bill, and hunger. I wanted to do something different…”

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